Through open window
Dusk falls just so
The air within seems to
Escape through the opening
The curtains open
To see beyond
I sit
Alone and
My mind drifts
To other times.
Wisps of scent
Lingering on
The shirt you wore,
Smoke and the outdoor trees
Woven into the fabric
Of this comfortable soft
Piece of you,
I breathe you in
As if you were beside me
And I settle back
On feathered mounds
Say your name so softly
A whisper in the dark,
Close my eyes
To escape the reality
Of empty rooms
Gone cold.

Aroma therapy

Greet the day
Sun rises softly
Open the door
Scent fills the air
Korean lilac
Permeates the senses
Sweetest smell
I’ve longed for.
Quiet filters
The bee moves sideways,
Buzzing petals
Morning nectar
Breakfast of the hive.
Yellow butterfly will come
Later with higher sun’
To touch down lightly
Becoming the scene
We relive each time
This year.
Aroma therapy
Natural contentment
Not bottled
But free
In dawns dewy air.

My morning scent and Korean lilac tree/bush that brings so much joy each spring.

Morning tidbit

Happy hour long over
Cheese and apricots and nuts oh my,
Hummus and pita
Pizza and cocktails
All nestled nicely
In confines of
Frosty box.
Wake early
Alarm music sings,
Softly eyes open
Stumble in dark
Through kitchen lair
Bowl on counter
Beckoning there.
Handful to mouth
Chewing thinks,
tasting rather stale…
They were much better last night,
Lights beam meets reality
Dawning occurs,
Cat food bowl
Not nuts
Oh no, oh my…
Not the morning tidbit
He was looking for.
Later tale is told
Laughter unfolds
Easy material
For my first daylight piece,
Angry cat looking for his breakfast.