Arms out
Handlebars grasped,
Sun blazes on tired bodies
Long ride
Day is done.
I touch the hair on your arm,
As the wind blows
Doing seventy
Sunburnt waves
Like golden wheat fields
Rippling as the scenes fly past.
Through clouds and sun
All looks the same after hours pass.
Highways and mountains
Fields that seem to never end.
Years go by and I
Reminisce of days
Out west racing towards
the end of day,
Sandstorms in Utah,
Dry scorched earth in
New Mexico ,
At night I curl up
Listening to you breathe
And I touch the soft hair
Of your arms
Feel the warmth of a hard worked day,
Sun sets behind shades
But the heat still there
Wheat field hair
Yellow still today,
Always can bring a light to my eye,
A fire to my heart.
Love to my soul.

Rain gonna come

You know my child
You Just can’t stop
This thing that is,
Feeling high
Feeling low
Every day the wind
It still gonna blow.
Ain’t got no time for cryin’
Ain’t got no time for pain,
Cause yesterday is gone
My love,
And today it’s gonna rain.

Gonna wash away those blues
Gonna turn you this way right
Gonna give your mood a jump start
So let those words come out,
Rain gonna come
Oh yes she will
To cleanse your spirit clean
Hold your head up high
Face into that sky
Rain gonna come
Before day is through
Let the rain just wash all over you,
Start again this mind of life
When a hard rain falls
Everything’s gonna be all right.