Havin’ a blast

She moves with grace
Excitement in her smile
She’s havin’ a blast.
She’s the giver of hugs
The lover of life,
The serene ball of joy
Jumpin’ through air
Like a pixie,
Landing lightly in your life
Like a trampoline full of children,
Bouncy and exuberant,
Bringing that smile when you need it most.
She’s havin’ a ball
And inviting you too
To jump on board the giddy train
To sing, smile, and laugh the day away,
She’s havin’ a grand time and you will too,
‘Cause on a road trip through the web
Is the greatest thing to do.
So pass the baton,
Jump for joy,
No one is watching
And I won’t tell….
But I can see you smile
Just thinking ’bout it,
And that’s the kick start
To this amazing life.
See you there.

A Blogging Tour of the Writing Process

I do not remember when I first found Michael’s blog. When I saw the name The Poetry Channel, I first thought of television. My whole point of blogging was to get away from media in general and get back to clear writing and here is this blog of Michael’s. I was blown away by it to say the least. The images he shares and the soul-sensitive writing was unlike any I had ever read. It was my kind of writing. I did not have to try to wonder what was being said. If one wears one’s heart on their sleeve, then this would be it in words. A few months into the world of blogging, I still am learning and am always amazed by it. Michael has opened doors for me in ways I never imagined and I cannot say enough wonderful things about The Poetry Channel. I am writing this today because Michael had asked if I would be interested in participating in this blogging tour. After figuring out what I had to do, I gladly jumped into what I like to consider the big world of “real writers” of which I never considered myself a part of, and truthfully most days still do not.
Please check out Michael’s beautiful and inspiring blog as it is a world for all of us.

At this point I will tell you a little more about myself and my writing.

1.) What am I working on at the moment?​

I am not writing a book. I do three blog posts daily but I have to say it is nothing I can consider “working on” due to the way I write.
I have just had nine poems accepted for publication in a poetry anthology by a wonderful man named Russ Towne. He is a published author of poetry and several children’s books, the kind of person I consider to be big league, and I am still floored that my writing will be on actual pages in a book I can hold. I never expected by starting a blog with what I consider my basic writing/free verse style that it would ever amount to much. I guess dreams do come true. If you get a chance, check out Russ Townes site at http://russtowne.com

2.) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I can’t exactly say how my writing differs as I think each writer offers a part of themselves to what reaches the paper differently. I tend to be childlike and whimsical one moment, yet deep and brooding the next. I try to be descriptive and tell a story in words, but I also try to keep it short. I know I have the attention span of a gnat so I tend to like to write things that are engaging yet do not tie up too much of the readers time.
I like to play “remember when” and write about the fond memories of yesterday and the recollections of my youth.

3.) Why do I write what I do?

Why do I write what I do…hmmm, because that is who I am. What I write are words that are like drops of water spilling out of my soul. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy but I try to keep it about the peace and love that a lot of people tend to need in their lives.
I’ve been writing since I was a child out of a need for escape. I went several years without writing but it kept calling to me. I take my ideas from dreams I have or whatever pops into my mind at any given moment. As you can see from my blogs, this runs the gamut from fun to the idea of “what the heck is she thinking?”

4.) How does my writing process work?

Well now, that is the hard part. To write a poem for me is like opening my head and just writing. I proofread for errors most of the time then hit the scary publish button. Most posts take me five minutes or less. I like to call it brain-spillover writing. After I hit publish, I for the most part, cannot tell you what I just wrote. I don’t remember what I wrote yesterday. The words just fall out and rarely need rearranging or thought behind them. The hardest thing is to find the right picture to match what I am writing about, or what fits the poem. I have always written this way. It is almost like letting my subconscious take over the keyboard. I let it roll and it becomes what it was meant to be. So the writing is a part of me, just the uncontrollable brain part with a lot of heart and soul thrown in for good measure.

I have asked several other bloggers along for the ride and I hope they have as much fun participating as I did. I forgive those who may change their minds, they are great writers nonetheless. Check out their sites next Monday (the 16th) to get a glimpse into other writers’ minds and styles ’cause the road shared is a fun ride my friends.

http://avulnerablespace.wordpress.com/about/ is Peters blog.
http://aminnieblog.wordpress.com/about/ is Minnie’s blog.
http://jnanahodson.net/2014/06/05/degrees-of-community/ is Jnanas’ blog.
I thank you my friends for checking out the blogs of the wonderful writers listed above
And I must also give honorable mention to two more whom I adore and I felt the need to share them with you if you aren’t already a follower.
http://levithetford.com. Levi has a great blog, he is a wonderful down-to-earth gentleman.
http://ilghepardo.wordpress.com/. Vera is another teller of tales that I like.

All of the above bloggers have wonderful sites that I know you will enjoy.
Thank you again.
Peace and love.