Food of love

Sit amongst
The friends
Of childhood past
A bowl for you
A chum or two
A party
You as guest.
Come stay with me
A rainy day
We will sit inside
And games we’ll play,
Just you and me
But more could come,
Excitement here
Awaiting you.
We can sing a song
Or sit and be
Oh what fun
Just wait and see.

Pieces of the past

No reflection stirs the mood
No eyes looking back
To critique
To peer with disdain
Ancient wood
Holding memories
And life
And light
But no perfect mirror to see
What I know is there.
No need for vision
With inner shadow
Exuding hope
For tomorrow pieces
To fall in place
This corner
Stirs emotion,
Dressers now filled
With paper and words of life.
Left behind the moths
Ages ago,
Tiny white wings,
That gnawed the finest things
Without a care,
leaving destruction
Holes in memories
Refilled now
With blessings and hope.
For a looking-glass
Whole once more,
With careful hand
Piece by peace
And love
Sanded lightly
With blessings

To Be

The words
Pulled out
Message in a bottle
To be
Many things
Like four insights
To be.
To be happy, just be
Our quote of a new year,
To be
To do
To become
Words find us
Unexpectedly filling
Our hearts
Our minds
With a joy
A passion
To be
To be what
I wondered, exactly.
To live a life
Happy and bright?
To be good
To be kind?
To be love embodied
As this world unwinds?
To be playful?
To be alive?
Or just simply,
To be.