Happy medium

I heard the words
Finding the happy medium
Laughing I chose
To not.
There should only be full
Grand by design
Wishes and dreams
With nothing
In between.
Why place limits
Upon the happiest of things,
Why not jump up and say NO
This will not do.
No happy medium,
It comes at the top
Floating like bubbles
From joy within,
Champagne smiles
And giddy laughs
No medium
No low,
Just high as the sky
Set it free
And watch it envelope the world
Sealed with a smile
Of lightness and being.

Carried away

Walking with purpose
She takes each step gently
Deeper and deeper
Un afraid now
She knows the path
Through the storm swollen water
Of her raging life.
She feels the current
Wash her clean
She feels new again
Away from the past
That tried to cover her
Smother her,
She’s walking away
Taking the steps
At first so hard
Then easy they become
As the weight slips off
And she floats forward
On her dreams of life
That she knows will now
Be brought forth
In abundance.
She’s walking away
The darkness left behind
Water runs clear
Ripples of light
In her mind reappear
She sinks down in the
Gentle waves
Feels the pull of her destiny
Embrace her
And lifting her up,
Carries her away.