Shining on

Days move
Daylight in and out
Whispered laughter
In secret places
Shining on she says.
Mind like butter
Melting gold
Trickle down
like smiles of the
Grease paint clown
Painted on.
She looks around
To see the world
Holds her hands open
Asks for prayers
Change this place
From bad to good,
Shine on she cries.
Rain like tears
Drying on concrete
Steam in sun
Cool to warm
A touch of softness
To smooth the edge
Now she says.
Crazy diamond dreams
Music soothes her soul,
Singing loud
Smiling within
Shine down she hums.

Trifle dreams

Silky layers
Cotton sheets
Rain falls beyond
Dreams illusion
Little ’bout this and that
As whole taken
Moving from light to deep
Climbing through
The voices the scene
One to the other
Sleep escalator
Up up to surface
At a new station,
Memory treasures
trapped in clear
Glass of mind
To remember
To understand
To spoon each morsel
With relish
Dreams of mud
Bulbous clouds
Bits of desire,
Spooning rescue
Saved by love.