Words from a magic hat

Box full of words
Randomly pulled
Free at last
Ain’t nothin’ but something to do,
Put glitter in its place
And sharp cats wear cool hats.
A bird in the hand is normally chicken and
We all want to wake and bake a cake.
Be careful out there….it’s weird
And money can’t buy poverty
So don’t zap your only map
‘Cause I belong at your party.
Still, condoms prevent minivans
And you ask me
How did you get like this?
Don’t despoil the soil
What is the cost of things you have lost?
Don’t forget, never regret
Never take more than you give.
All we need is humble patience
And it’s all a movie, but it’s your movie!
The universe always has other plans
So breathe in, breathe out, move on.
Beer for peace
Live by the sun, love by the moon.
Heed the spirit, if you can hear it.
Let’s start a nation on permanent vacation ,
You have three wishes
But don’t rely on those who won’t try.
Never tether your feathers and
Don’t try to prevent a predestined event.
Celebrate with a bit of magic
Intelligent conversation is a revelation
And change is the only constant.
Forbidden fruits make the tastiest jams.
It’s hard to improve on silence.
In closing…..
Help me, I’m trapped in the brewery.

All sayings taken off bottle cap tops from magic hat beer.
So keep in touch with yourself and cheers from sweet Lillian.

Etched in stone

Truth is the way
Divine knowledge functions
Have miracles occurred?
The cohesive force,
The generations unborn
Can see the planets
A new awakening
Where does the great spirit exist?
Red stick into earth
Everyone is free,
Sacred earth
And special stones
Carved boulder
Covers bones.
Light from stars
Obscures view
Universe beyond



Ghostly echoes
Slip through
Open windows
Holes like open eyes
Leafy lids.
Hidden in shadow
Did children play
A home for toys and friends
To pretend
Clubhouse rules
No entry beyond
Password protected.
Did hooves stamp
Impatiently waiting
For grain given
By loving hands
Before chores in field,
Whispery winds
Blow through
Empty vessel
Imagination to fill
The slats with voices

Photo: bing internet