Art in my ears

To see the colors
Blended like lyric
Pieces of yesterday
Ear worm
Hum along to the foxy one
And touches of grey
Decorate my temple
We will survive
Through mastery of craft,
We will be remembered
Touched by strokes
Boar bristle swatch
Paints the history
I’ve lived
I move
I sway
I feel life
Wash over
In crimson oil
Anointed by the
Masters hand
Through word
Through art
Through living.

Gotta have

Not the latest
Not the greatest
Rush right out
And find it waiting,
No penny spent
No, not a cent
And you can find it everywhere.
No amazon or Etsy,
Just passed by friend to friend,
Family to family
And even stranger
To stranger.
Gotta have it
Get yours now
But it’s never gone,
Never runs out
Sometimes slightly faded
With the passing hands of time,
But mostly growing
Stronger with each passing day,
Here, are you running low?
I’ll give you some of mine
I share.
Heart to heart
With lots to spare
Spreading love
From a heart that can’t help
But to pass it on.