Happy street

Joy will flow
Where happiness goes,
A smile
A laugh
A whisper of love in your ear.
Spread color and fun
Let the gloom be undone,
With happy hands
All is possible.
Sing and shout
Act silly
Have fun
Give hugs to the world
And you will see
The happiness will come right back to you.
Teach a child
Heal a wound
Forgiveness must happen now or soon,
To touch a soul
To cry in joy
Jump in the air like you don’t
Have a care.
So open your heart
And know it will be
Happiness starts
With you
And with me.
Spread kindness around
To love and to share,
To all get along
I’ll meet you there,
Happy street everywhere.

Road to solitude

Curving round
In and through
The heart
The soul
The sun rising and falling
As we move on this road
To solitude.
I know the path
I’ve tread so many times
Searching for the peace
That rarely evades
Well worn curves
I could walk in the dark
When the moon summons
The soul from sleep
Carry me out
Down the stone way
To fields of flowers
Hidden in the dark.
I can reach out and feel
Senses come alive
And fireflies light up
The night sky
When clouds obscure
The solitude of moon
Shining through the patchwork
Of my dream state life.
Walk the path to find
The center
The soul
Of the matter.
Homeward bound
My heart
My friend.

Bliss in a moment

Take time
Fall back
Into the world
Of happy
Of bliss.
Feet in the air
Sing a song
Find the happy place
Be free
Be a dreamer
Live life
Adventuring even if
Only in your mind.
Send the vibe to the world
Sealed with a heart
A kiss
Such bliss.
Dreaming happy
A moment
Of youth
At any age,
Harmony and peace