Hot sun pours
Through ceilings glass
Tiny fragments
Dust perhaps
Twinkle in the air
Falling down
On the girl
Shadows lay
Beside half in
Half out
Not enough room
For two
To soak up the gift
Of the light
Of the warmth
On a warm spring day.
Summer knocks to find
You waiting
Finally to arrive
With the air moisture filled
Wrung out to dry
For pop up showers
Filled to the brim
Thunder and lightning
Soon to spill,
Till then to sit
To be
To absorb
Sun like sponges

Holding on

Arms around
Lost in you
Holding on
To a love so true,
Hot evening sky
Together we find
Sun slips away
But love survives.
Held close to you
Breathe in your scent
These days go by
Night sleeping, spent.
I touch your hair
Soft curls through fingers
And still love it when I see
That smile light up your face.
We’re holding on
As years go by
Through good and bad
Life’s memory sigh
Of dreams and life
And laughter held
In the hands slipped together
Holding on.

Life like pancakes

Layer by layer
Handcrafted with love
Unlimited potential
For fillings
For top.
Stacked layer memories
So sweet
So tender,
Sometimes breaking
But still nice
Just the same.
Hot off the griddle
Or cold from the fridge
Smothered in goodness
And drizzled with dreams,
Each bite fulfilling
Can I have some more please?
Small or large
Shaped or round,
Sweet gifts of life
Higher, higher
Fill the plate up
Can’t get enough.