The big mailbox

Send them love.

Wish them peace.

See them happy.

Everyone, always, forever, Kimberly.

And prepare to be astounded,
The Universe

Words to smile
As I awaken each day
My mailbox choc full
Of goodness
Of laughter
Of dreams.
I wish the universe would send
Chocolate and rainbows
‘Cause then I would jump for joy
And ice cream too
Yes that would be nice,
And how ’bout some music
And colorful art
And love from the world
Oh that would truly be
A very big mailbox
To behold.
The messages would be good
In every language
Hello world
Just spreading the love
One bit at a time.

PS….the unicorn is on the way.

I’ll be waiting

Sitting at the edge of my world
Waves roll in
Waves roll out
Horizon spans the length of forever
Waiting for you.
Footprints in the sand
Washed away
No scent remains
In and out life keeps on moving
As the sun fire hits
The edge of the sky
Can a noise be heard
Like a bubbling hiss
As the cool takes over
And I still remain
Sun and moon
The stars they move
In and out and through
Passing beams
Flash incoming friends
Banking around
To land
And find life
Still waiting.
I will be here,
As the last song plays
As the numbers dwindle
On our days,
I long for you to find me
And I’ll be right here
Waiting for you.

A poem for a friend, wordsforjp and her buddy.

Mind attic/memory and dream

Quiet night
Dreams flit through
Aged air.
Cobwebs move
With memories wakened
Keys of yesterday.
I’ve been here
So very long ago,
I move through the landscape
Of words, feelings
Long faded relic
Mind searches why
Midnight wanderings
The highway
Of attic mind dream.
In and out
Steamed summer consciousness
Cool air blowing
Sweat on brow,
Wake to wonder
To remember
To slowly climb down
To the reality of morning
Once again.