The world that found heart

Metal door opens
Darkness and gloom
Dingy with oil
The ants scurry about
Never looking up
Faster faster they move
Without a care
There is no heart,
It doesn’t reside there.
Machines belch mist
Covering each inch
No trust
No laughter
No not anymore…..
The dark has descended
When there’s no heart there.
Bell starts to ring
In rows they march
In and out
Like ships that pass
In the night,
Doors burst at the seams
As the rows file past
Into sunshine and light
Oh my, see the change
As slowly,
Ever so slowly
You catch a glimpse,
Something beating there,
I think it’s a heart,
Is it? Oh it must be so,
It shakes off the grime of the
Workday gone by
And into their cars
Fast how they run
To their lives and their homes
And the puppies that wait.
It’s time to recharge
To fill up that tank.
Whoosh goes the happy
Beat beat goes the joy.
One more day
Till the weekend appears,
And then summer is here
And the heart is complete,
Feel the beat.

She will soar

Sunlight hot on
Yesterday moment
She stands before
Snapshot in time
Years gone by
Little more grey
And that’s ok
Still smiling.
She still believes
As she stands
Dreams in the heart
Life in the soul
Step by step
She walks the edge
She knows.
The world before her
She reaches her hands to the air
Wind blows gently
She is alive
She is a part
Of the sum of the whole,
This she knows to her core,
And it is good.
Sometimes she needs
To remind herself
Gonna make it through girl,
Gonna make it through,
So she moves forward
Shaking the dust off
Highway waves from the sun
Oasis ahead,
She will soar.


A time of late
Night after night
Dreams flow through
The portal of memory.
Moon rises un noticed
Peers in the window
Catch the sleep moment
Shining down
Filling up
The whisper of a dream.
She sets out her net
Catching the bits,
The pieces,
She takes each one
Holds it up to the light
Of the white cold orb
Then sets it free once more.
Each night
The faces
The places
All remain the same,
The messengers with their tale
And she knows there’s something
So deep within,
Something they are telling her
Through each catch
Unsure she asks
Again they return
Over again.
She holds her empty hands up
As the sun rises
Filtering through the mist
Crystals sparkle
Fingertips bejeweled,
Essence of the dreamscape
That they were there.