Distant thunder to falling rain

Somewhere out there
Thunder rolls across the valley,
Shadows mark the passing of broken spirits
And lightning flashes
Where no one sees.
Cold wind blows
Dragging memories of
Sad goodbyes and a yesterday hello
Now faded into the cloud
That covers the tree.
Mighty oak
How you’ve stood the tests
Of time and weather
Each storm standing tall.
You’ve bent
Branches breaking
But held firm
Through thick and thin.
Who hears this rain
Falling out of view,
Who whispers encouragement to you.
What muse has destroyed
The strength of a man
Leaving broken limbs
Forest floors.
We gather you
A fire we shall prepare,
Higher it shall blaze,
To be seen by those who gather
At the warmth,
Yet still I hear the rain fall
Like unseen tears,
Out there somewhere
Hearts break
And join the choir.
And the rain keeps falling
With no reply
At all.

Touching the moon

Did you find
All that you were looking for,
Did it hurt to feel,
Did you fall too far
The climb too high,
Trying to touch the moon.
Did you know
The light you shone
On the gathering souls
Just starting their journey,
Their pilgrimage
To find themselves
To feel their truth.
Did you know we followed
Because in you we saw
A bit of ourselves
Words that touched
Our deepest pain
Our greatest joy.
There is no great pretender,
Just the masses moving forward,
Searching for light
In the dark of our days,
Like you,
Trying to touch the
Elusive moon.
You are the light
The glimmer of stars
Just out of reach,
Dreams can crash
Dreams can die,
But the moon above
The standing guide,
To pick up the pieces
Glitter at our feet,
Brush it off gently
And start again
Drawing the heartbeat
Forth from weary soul.

A post for a friend. Never ever give up, keep reaching.
Never ready for goodbyes.

Morning glory

Farmers market
Glorified garage sale
You drive home
Bought a plant.
Reinforce the hanger
I go fetch your find
Hanging in your truck
Long vines trailing
Dainty reddish blooms.
Ah sweet morning glory,
A plant that at best
Does not describe me.
No happy flower
Drinks the coffee grumbling
Slow to wake,
Brain barely alive
After tossing and turning
But these blooms bring joy
As pretties tend to do,
Hummingbirds will dive in
Zippy buzzing birds
That argue and chatter
Back and forth
Like tiny race cars
Zooming by your head.
I am a turtle
Slowly moving through-
This sun that is rising
Weekend over back to work,
Blooms will hang and be,
Giving beautiful joy
To the edge of our deck
And food for the bees and birds.
Summer slowly making it’s way
To our world.