Time for tea

Two for tea
And tea for two
The hare is there
And so am I
But someone seems to be
Moving slow
But maybe fast
Like only a turtle can.
The professor says
The sun can’t heat
The jar of tea
But I am apt to believe
As I’ve seen it myself
Just don’t look through the glass
Or burn your peepers out.
A cake for your plate
A bottle below
Here he comes now
Still moving rather slow,
Teach him hare how to
Speed it along
Or tea will be tepid or cold
Before long.
Those messy old mice
Keep wrecking the place
Who invited them anyway
Be gone with great haste,
I’ll pour you a spot
From this teapot
Oh no,
It seems as if the hare drank it all,
Watch him grow small.
My plan is now dashed
The wrong victim I’ve gotten,
I’m not good with parties
And this ones gone rotten.

Thoughts on sun tea,
Being punchy and
Don’t invite mice
They spoil the fun.


Maybe one
Is all you need,
To see as you walk by
To raise a sweet smile.
Maybe just one is enough,
A kind word
A summer sigh
A whisper in your ear.
Maybe just one
Will grow in dirt
Where everything fails
One will rise above.
One is a solitary line
Drawn in the scheme
Of many
So just one stands out
For it’s perfection,
Because it is after all
Just one
But enough.
So just one I will leave
To decorate the patch
Barren of others
And it will stand alone
It will be special
And it will shine.

Last painting

What could have been
With the passing of years,
Yellow fields
Golden strokes
Path to horizon
Skies drip
Of hues of blue
Blended in
Tips of hair
Artist touch
I’ve pondered the pieces
The minds eye captured,
Where did you go
Locked inside
Insanity perhaps
Or just a fool
For a dream.
Was it better
To express in color
Your gift
Did you lose yourself
As you chose a color
A scene,
A memory.