Under the stars dreaming

So far away
My precious twinkling beauties
I lay here
Under your magnificent splendor
Wondering of the ways
You move
The way
You shape the world
In which we live.
Little beacons of light
Like tiny candles on high
Wishes on movement
Imagination so alive.
I feel with each breath I take
The warmth of this summer night
And I know that somewhere
Out there so very far away
You are breathing and wishing
And believing that
We are in it together
Wishing on the same tiny stars
Together for but
That split second in time
United in a dream.
Breathing in the air
Of love
Of life.

Pool of dreams

She sits by the edge
Gathering the dreams
That move along
Like a leaf in a stream.
Her mind drifts along
With a song and a whisper
Of sunshine in her heart.
She gazes down
Seeing reflections
Of changes
Of truth
Of a wonderful life
And all that will be.
She gathers up wishes
And touches her face
Laughing as the wetness
Runs down upon her heart,
Cleansing like a summer rain.
She moves farther down
Un afraid to see
The reality
Of all she desired
Of all she believed
Of each and every
Hopeful wish and dream.
Pooled and sparkling at her feet,
She scoops them all in her hands and
Throwing them so high,
Each speck turned to a star above
For all of the world
To wish upon.
She takes flight
With her wings of gold
And flies out amongst her kind
Gone for but a brief spell of time,
She will return
When the stars fall used
ANd will sprinkle once more
A new gathering
For the future.

In everything

It is there
Like an unseen flow
Through openings
Cracks and crevices,
As a thought
As a dream
As a simple truth.
It is there
Unspoken often
In a touch
In a smile
In a gesture of kindness
It is there
Free for all
To pluck like a sweet smelling bloom
And feel the softness
Of a petal so easily bruised.
It is there
Like a drop
A single fragment that
Falls and splashes
All it surrounds.
It is there like a word of hope
Like a feeling of peace
When it touches you
Or wraps you up
Like a child in an embrace.
It is here
It is now
It is love.