In the middle somewhere

Another day
Singing along
Music on the radio
Same old same old
Counting down the hours
Between meh and happiness
Somewhere in the middle
Where life tends to
Fall into place.
A photo sent from my friend,
Giving me a smile,
Sucky song he says
And the debate moves along,
What is good and what is bad
Is all in the ears
The mood
And for me, the words.
Somewhere the sun is shiny
And the world is bright
But in between here and there
I’d rather be
Tapping a toe
Watching the world go by
Tick tock
Moving much too fast
To the rhythm of the music
Of this life
Caught between up and down
Head in the air
Feet on the ground,

And I sing along
I’m almost there.

Silent walk

Where have you gone
My sweetest friend
Are you walking those boards
Do you whisper to ghosts
That haunt you in night
When the wind blows
Rattling the windows
With a chill
So very cold.
Will you come back again
To play in the light
Where we wait for a sign
That all is well
Will you remember our names
Our secrets
Or words
And will you reach out once more
To those left wondering
The absence of a soul
A friend,
Let’s begin again
Your words fade
And I am afraid
To never see
The whisper of a kindred spirit
Walking these boards
Of the mind.

By design

A thousand stones
Like thoughts at your feet
Shapes and sizes
By design.
Bursting forth
The boldest dream,
Unrelenting and
Reaching up
Reaching out
Like arms seeking
Striving to go
Higher and higher
From these “thoughts”
Comes the grandest
Amongst the lesser,
A Tenacious dream,
Never dying
Like a weed
That will keep returning
With roots so deep
In what must be
What must happen
This destiny which refuses
To back down
Refuses to give up,
Refusing to be forgotten.