Did you know
You did not have me at hello,
But at a glimpse scrolling
Shepherd mix
At a moment of grief
Of a loss tearing a soul
Into a million paw prints
That would no longer
Mark my earth.
You had me with a smile,
A bubble gum tongue
And eyes so happy
And deep.
You had me at a name,
Not really yours,
A hand me down
From the SPCA,
Sydney…now Chi
Little earth energy
Ball of movement
My heart.
Your childish antics
As I try to sit
Pushing me forward with
Paws slapped around my neck,
Kisses from a happy soul, who rescued who?
I’d love to know.

A piece to my girl Chi…aka cheese bag,chi bag, Cheezits , and too many others…and the occasional swear word thrown in.

Treasure box

Between today and tomorrow
There lives a place that’s called a dream,
Waiting to happen
Born of idea
Born of hope.
A magical place where many reside
A quiet place
Where hope flies like a kite
Dancing on clouds
Dipping and swaying,
Yesterday left behind
No going back
For it is gone
But each day the comes forth
With its gift
Of dreaming places waiting
The magical box in the forest
Filled with whispered wishes
Opens its treasure lid
Letting them escape
Into the whimsical atmosphere
Of slumber and waking
The universe hears
Answering the creative calling
To fulfill the request.

Nobody home

Nature takes back
What is built by mens hands
Vines creep
Where no one sleeps.
Who walked these halls,
Gazed from the windows
At the day beyond,
Did children play
On waxed wooden floors
Or sit in the sun
While harvesting the fields.
Whose life slipped by
Under the high ceilings
Of this now idle mansion,
Do ghosts echo silence
Off molding walls
And do people wonder
As they drive by
At the inhabitants now gone,
Do they even notice
This decay
As piece by piece
It crumbles away.