Did you know
You did not have me at hello,
But at a glimpse scrolling
Shepherd mix
At a moment of grief
Of a loss tearing a soul
Into a million paw prints
That would no longer
Mark my earth.
You had me with a smile,
A bubble gum tongue
And eyes so happy
And deep.
You had me at a name,
Not really yours,
A hand me down
From the SPCA,
Sydney…now Chi
Little earth energy
Ball of movement
My heart.
Your childish antics
As I try to sit
Pushing me forward with
Paws slapped around my neck,
Kisses from a happy soul, who rescued who?
I’d love to know.

A piece to my girl Chi…aka cheese bag,chi bag, Cheezits , and too many others…and the occasional swear word thrown in.

18 thoughts on “Rescued

  1. I love that place where you go when you write. I am a slave to those whom I love and live me back, I love Cheetos and twizzlers too. Thank you for following me.


  2. lol! well! we share a not dissimilar hense of sumor! aahwooo! ^^~~~~ u shld know i am on the lamb frm the intergalactic police for smuggling fine art! wanna fence ur starry night to zircon, the zirconian is the cosmic currency of choice!


  3. Because I stole the starry night and painted snoopy on it silly;) shhhh don’t tell. And dogs are gods and sometimes devils too…just ask the dead chipmunk;) I need to visit more often…weekends seem to be my catchup time. Will pop in now…sometimes I need reminders;) peace and pups rock πŸ˜‰


  4. …dogs are gods, but u already know this!…my current 24/7 is a double pedigree (my previous god was an aziel hondtje?) uk register irish setter, koning leartje (little king lear in dutch!…hij spreek goed nederlands weet je wel omdat hij komt vanuit holland!…did u know that the background in your avatar is van gogh’s starry night which was stolen from the van gogh museum & still not recovered as far as i know…same painting as i used into one of today’s posts…thanx 4 the likes & following…it inspires me to keep my blog dynamic! ^^~~~~


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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