A mermaids soul

She swims the seas searching
for the love of tales of lore,
swimming with her kind
she longs for even more.
She wants to spread the sunshine
to every soul she meets,
emerging from the waves
she wishes to be on shore.
That is where the people live
in homes with lights at night,
she loves her coral and her fish
but she needs to give more life,
to the heart of man and woman
that she sees from down below,
the couples walking hand in hand
that is the love her heart knows.
She is the mermaid of soul
she is the shine under the summer sun
that reflects off waves
and ships and hands
that seek the prize down low.
The child’s fingers that plucks the shell
she reaches out to hold,
with the heart of an angel
she swims beside
even though we may not know.
Through tears and joy
she sings to us
of happiness and joy,
she has come to land
toes in the sand
with hugs and love untold.

Thoughts of lavender

The waves of lavender fill my mind,
searching for fresh air of a country day
glass walls surround the traveling soul
and the tourist angrily brushes by
on his way to nowhere fast.
The purple haze of violet days
easy carefree
breathing the atmosphere
of an uncluttered moment
of a day in the life.
Where do they come from
and where do they go,
fast fast the conveyor moves
and yet they still move faster,
I walk to the beat of time to kill
hours to pass
the big metal birds take off
flying higher and higher
till they reach the horizon of a cloud
unwinding spirals of white
disappearing from my view.
I dream then of lavender fields
the lovely blooms waving
clean and fresh
the scent of candles you like
the color of the heart
that’s missing you.

Visions of cheese

My bags not packed,
not ready to go
leaving on a jet plane.
Waking to thunder crashes
lightning storms lashing
the atmosphere.
Dogs run wild in the darkness
too early for me to be drenched
flashlight shines on glowing eyes
like hounds of hell coming forth.
I watch the web coming in and out
power out here and there.
Drippy wet dog stares at me
dragging on the rug
I sing a bit of Steppenwolf
the magic carpet ride
she looks at me unimpressed.
Coffee hot and eyes adjusting
pondering what to pack
in my travel bag,
heading to the land of cheese
a happy mouse indeed,
to bring some home or not,
that will be the question
and should I bring a bigger bag?
How much will fit?
What will the TSA say
if I have a big bag full
of lovely cheddar, creamy swiss,
maybe a fine Monterey….
so many choices
mouth waters and I’m not even there yet.
Dog rides the carpet once more,
my little girl Cheezit, hmm wonder if there
might be a connection of thought
this early morning.
Just saying.

Traveling for business so I might be in and out for the next two days, off in Wisconsin eating cheese…while doing actual work of course.