Drops of life

She climbs the ladder
Of her life,
Page by page
Word by word,
Higher she climbs
From the sadness she has left behind,
Her can filled to the rim
With every tear she’s shed
Every dream she’s never tried to reach
Every hope she has spent
Every bit of life splashing over.
She reaches the top
Where her hidden garden grows,
High in clouds drifting
She tips her can to nourish her blooms,
Taking care as she speaks to them by name
As the rain falls down
Spreading her love to the earth below,
Her hopes, dreams, tears and everything she holds dear
And the winds blow gently
Sprinkling the people and animals below
As they raise their head up at
The sudden burst
They smile as they feel the wetness,
Their faces cleansed
They feel life within
And a sudden burst
As the sun breaks out
And warms the water into their skin,
Their hearts,
Their souls.
They know the life-giving love
Of a summer shower from out of nowhere.

Thoughts on the gifts of sharing,nurturing and sharing your dreams.
Inspired by a new follower Pooja
Thank you my friend for reminding me the importance of following your dreams no matter what.


39 thoughts on “Drops of life

  1. I am so,very glad you liked it…I,wrote that quite awhile ago…but it was one of my most popular pieces. I had loved that picture and the words just went together so beautifully with it. We are all amazing creatures my friend and I am glad for another friend in my life. Peace and blessings☺️


  2. Oh Kim sweetheart ❤️
    You wonderful beautiful amazing soul
    I love this so much thank you thank you thank you
    I don’t know what I did to deserve such a beautiful poem or an amazing awesome friend like you thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I think you’re the best
    I’m so glad I was scouring your blog and I came across this I feel so privileged to have seen this thank you so so so much ❤️

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  3. Thank you 😀 it’s one of those sayings that my friend and I use, so it can’t help but end text and emails that way. I thought I might as well end my blog post that well. Thank you!!! I’m getting a balance between everything. I’m also understanding and hoping other people will understand that there are different pieces, although weird. Same here! Be prepared to be reblogged a lot in my ‘scripts’ section, there is so much talent on wordpress that needs to be viewed even once or twice.
    Woow! I’ve written a paragraph

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  4. just popped into your blog love the sign off witht the jelly beans and ice cream bit, I see that you werent sure what direction to take your blog in and it will all fall in place in time, just keep writing and sharing what is most important to you. what I saw was great and am following:) have a beautiful day my new friend:)


  5. Thank you for allowing me to reblog such art. I really enjoyed reading, that’s why it bothered me, that I hadn’t reblogged it yet.


  6. Thanks so much for the reblog. It was a popular piece and I am glad to see it still moving forward in the wide world of press:) peace and love, Kim


  7. Reblogged this on TSEmrys and commented:
    I saw this some days ago, according to WordPress 2weeks plus. Either way, I remembered wanting to reblog this, because of how beautiful the writing was. Now, I have 😀 Hope you like it, as much as I do


  8. I think it was supposed to be Mother Nature, but the way I write, if I find a picture I just let the words flow so I guess in this case it was about reading a post and conversing with another blogger about how sad it is to not follow your dreams, hence the water from the pitcher tears falling from the skies to represent dreams not pursued so that others can be blessed by the inspiration to absorb and follow theirs. I know, probably doesn’t make sense but that’s how my silly brain flows 🙂


  9. I’ve asked other bloggers about that very subject, everyone looks at it differently. I like getting reblogged;) I take it as a form of praise in a way. It’s still makes me smile to see;)


  10. This is incredible! I love it!
    I can definitely relate, and I think the subject of this poem could be either a human or Mother Nature. Which did you intend for it to be?


  11. The image was the perfect accompaniment to your writing too – you deserve to be reblogged. I love quite a few of your pieces, never quite sure how much to reblog though. Still finding my way round the blogosphere


  12. I was a bit surprised, I’ve been reblogged before but on this post five times. Wow, I feel very humbled and honored;) I am glad it struck something with people;) thank you;)


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