Lilac rose – Ajaytao

This photo brought me a feeling of serenity and the words are a beautiful addition. Beauty abound on a rainy Tuesday morning.

Ajaytao Botanical Photography

Lilac rose - Ajaytao Lilac rose – Ajaytao

Reflections of Honey

risen in darkness
drifting clouds conceal moonlight
from a shadowed face

reflections serene
lunar light breaks the stillness
revealing night orbs

golden chablis flows
from glowing flower petals
sweet drops of honey

Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

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7 thoughts on “Lilac rose – Ajaytao

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  2. Ah. But you shared its beauty with us–which I think most of us bloggers appreciate, whether they’re are our originals or not. You have the eye for beauty.


  3. I shall have to take a look. Thank you. In the meantime, there is a young blogger that I follow who is busy apprenticing in some of the UK’s most beautiful gardens. She spent a year last year at the Eden Project and her shots are amazing!


  4. This is a reblog from a man who shares the most beautiful images, check him out, he does not disappoint;) click view original and it will take you to his world of botanicals and writings;) thank you, I love honey too;)


  5. C’est magnifique! My tongue feels like it is coated in honey from reading this!

    Thanks for choosing to follow my poetry blog. I hope you will continue to enjoy the posts. Léa


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