A mermaids soul

She swims the seas searching
for the love of tales of lore,
swimming with her kind
she longs for even more.
She wants to spread the sunshine
to every soul she meets,
emerging from the waves
she wishes to be on shore.
That is where the people live
in homes with lights at night,
she loves her coral and her fish
but she needs to give more life,
to the heart of man and woman
that she sees from down below,
the couples walking hand in hand
that is the love her heart knows.
She is the mermaid of soul
she is the shine under the summer sun
that reflects off waves
and ships and hands
that seek the prize down low.
The child’s fingers that plucks the shell
she reaches out to hold,
with the heart of an angel
she swims beside
even though we may not know.
Through tears and joy
she sings to us
of happiness and joy,
she has come to land
toes in the sand
with hugs and love untold.


29 thoughts on “A mermaids soul

  1. I use to be that way until I became landlocked and no access to fresh or sea water! Water is the catalyst which heals, renews and rejuvenates. I can see where you and the photo are coming from! ๐Ÿ™‚


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  3. yes she is. I met her through a group of people who do seminars on manifesting what you want out of life, thoughts becoming things, etc….I started practicing it without ever attending the seminar (which I will finally do in January) and was accepted with open arms by this community of lovely people. They share their hopes, send healing energy,etc….it has made so much of a difference in my life and attitude.


  4. I am in an airport, wishing I were on a beach and not a work trip, but it is giving me time I always never have enough of so I shall make good use of it and make you long for warm waters:) peace and love my friend:)


  5. She has the mermaid soul and a beautiful heart. Doesn’t she photograph so nicely. and she lets me use her photos as I like to write about her. Thanks my friend. sitting in an airport, I can get tons of writing in:) a good thing:)


  6. The photo if of a friend I’ve yet to meet, but will meet her in January/February in Key West at a seminar I will be attending:) she takes the most spectacular photos (or someone takes them of her) she is happy in every photo and makes me smile. And she lets me borrow her photos for my pieces too:)


  7. Little mermaid โ€“ beautiful tale. Lovely poem, my friend.:) You are really flying on the wings of inspiration, today.;) Love K.:)


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