Clouds of hummingbird




zooming in and out

like tiny airplane bombers

in pursuit

my nectar

back off

zoom zoom.

I look up to see where it is they go

and the clouds are moving fast

front coming

storm soon

like a large white hummingbird

tongue extended

to sup on the nectar

of the approaching weather


zipping by

quick movement

here comes the showers

boom and the cloud is gone

so very fast

too quick for the eye

absorbed into the dark of the moment

that devoured all of the sweetness

of a summer eve.


thoughts on storm clouds fast-moving and the daily hummingbird dive bombings that happen so very quick.

A grain of movement

I move

slowly building

one grain at a time

into something


art molded from nothing

but broken shells

ground out through time

into a speck

of one in a million.

I build it with thoughts,

whisks of memories that came to call

like a friend at the door

of imagination

bursting in with a smile and sincere hello,

a celebration of being,

creating something together

that will ultimately fall away

into a wave

but forever captured in memory

whimsical images

of a tiny grain built

into something better

than it began,


sand art

moving one grain at a time.


Ruby red slipper standout week 5

It has been a few weeks since I’ve done a ruby red slipper standout but due to popular demand it is back in all of its shiny goodness. For those new to my site, this post spotlights a blog that some of you may or may not be familiar with. Like a pay it forward,  we all want to be seen and heard and if you wish to be spotlighted in the future, see the email at the end of the post and drop me a line.


I first found Fawn when I began blogging, her Triggers Horse site was recommended by WP and I popped In and liked what I saw.

Fawn tells wonderful tales based on her life, childhood and everything in between.  A heartwarming place I am sure you will love and she always makes me smile with her wonderful comments.

I asked Fawn to choose two pieces that she thought were her favorite or best pieces and I loved them both so check these out and I know you will find a new friend who you will visit often.   the first poem she ever wrote


stop in and say hi to Fawn, you will find a dear woman waiting with kind words and a smile for the world.

if you wish to be featured on a Sunday Ruby Red slipper standout, email me at Being a clean family site I request any submissions to be along the same genre.  Photography,art,poetry, cooking or writing of all styles welcome.


Lavender fields

Somewhere there lies a place

of peace and waving fields

rows of lavender

under the Tuscan sun.

I hear it call like long a lost lovers whisper,

come back to me,

come home

to a place you’ve never been.

Wine flows like a river of clear white water

and cheese nestles next to olive stuffed pleasantries,

and fresh warm bread melding into the moment

with the scent of comfort

rising in the air.

We shall sit there

amongst the quiet fields,

my color of choice,

like a waving carpet

shades of Violet, lavender edibles to the eye

short of plum,

nothing else is missing

except for being there at this moment,

while a thousand miles away

we sit beneath our own piece of the sun,

and the only thing missing is that particular shade

of loveliness,  joy, and the experience and scent

of lavender on the wind.


thoughts on this beautiful piece…lavender fields oh how I long to see this view someday.

photo by:

Lavender Fields Tuscan


Where’s the party??



Generous scoops
Everyone can come
Love to see you there
A sweet to beat the heat
Thinking of that first bite, so smooth.
Only thing is I spoke too soon.

Party for the crew
You’re invited too
Oops you came too late
Uh oh my mistake.

Yesterday party passed
Thought it was today
Guess I’ll sit here alone
And lick what’s left off the spoon.
Gelato party gone awry
But hey at least he tried.

Thoughts with amusement on a fundraising part on Friday that was actually Thursday and no one came…..still chuckling and wishing I had all that left over gelato. With apologies to Mr. J for making light of this, you still rock!


Sun shadow hound

To sit in the morning

early suns warmth

bones soothed

in a glow

shadows play on hound.

Dawn finds me waiting

for full light overhead

filling the earth with the glory

of late summers gift

casting a glow

white light prism

on the tired soul.

Contrast of life

To move

round and round

seeing the same view

through eyes of black and white

on a world of such color

going nowhere.

Something changes,

maybe within perhaps

things begin to be seen

with new eyes opened

things emerge and can be seen clearly

colors emerge through the dull

and you find that in a lull of the ride

it slows enough where you can jump off,

chart your course

see new things

go new places

see the beauty once overlooked as plain scenery,

The contrast equates to wonder of soul

in hindsight

And life suddenly stands before you,

a new joy,

maybe a swing or a coaster

or a tea-cup spinning

like a whirling dervish,

See through life, open your eyes to color

and rush through this life

with the abandon of a child.

Gathering of the muse

Ceiling high filled with imagination

running wild through the pages new and old,

a gathering for muses to dive within

to find the inspiration

to set free in delightful ways

pages to be touched



to open the heart and mind

seeing beauty in between the covers

of another’s masterpiece,

another’s gift to mankind.

Magical mythical beast sit side by each,

filling small heads with wonder

making dreams alive

to reach out and touch

to believe in the truth

of the infinite.

Pages turn as eyes open big

the wonder of the world at their touch,

the happiness of life and escape

if only for a little while,

but long enough to start a fire

a spark

that someday, their words may be found here

where the muses gather.



Thoughts of now

Crisp morning air

like the crunch of a bright apple

sweet to the lips

the taste of a summer sun

captured within the flesh

of the fruit.

laying back to take in the day,

thoughts like dreams

behind closed eyes,

dappled clouds let the rays move

in and out like a welcome inverse shadow

to fall upon the face

spreading warmth

much desired.

slip into photos in the mind

memories of years past

places and faces

and songs that drift like water

foot moves in harmony

with the winds of this second

this dream

this thought alive

in a peaceful mind.

The opulence of patience and dreams


under pressure

beyond control

a dream calls sea blue

nestled like houses on cliffs

waiting to swim

with the ocean waves.

patience finds me impatient

cannot do

the simplest thing

till today so easy,

now a terror fills the heart

why I wonder, now?

smooth days flow

no longer,

a slave to the system and ghosts haunt

the machine that had been a friend,

I need to speak of dreams

of stars

of suns that rise on those that sleep

above the water

that sings to them a lullaby,

the siren song sung

through centuries

as they sit at their tables

supping on olives and cheese

dreaming of those who have grass,


Or maybe just lost in thoughts

of here and now,

simple dreams

their truth.