Death by cheese….but it’s so good.

Fly to the land of cheese
As far as the eye can see,
Fields of grass for cows
To make me the gift of Brie.
A dinner menu pursued
With an eye for something new,
Nope here I go
So like me,
Pizza once again.
Some to go
Hotel room cool
No fridge as I can see
Breakfast comes at four am
Cold pizza it will be.
Off to work
Supplier site, now time for lunch
What do I see?
Now I never complain
About my favorite dish
Had some curd and beer cheese soup too.
But I go home wondering
What tomorrow will bring,
Ok, let’s skip the pizza this time please.
My husbands jaw will fall in shock
I see his image in my mind,
So love if you read this,
I like pizza all the time,
But a nice shrimp or steak would be nice too.

16 thoughts on “Death by cheese….but it’s so good.

  1. I live in a family of pizza lovers…the only kind that thrills me is Canadian bacon and pineapple, but the cheese. Oh, the cheese! – Fawn


  2. Yes, we have.;) But the pizza here isn’t even close to the real Italian pizza.;) Especially on Sicily. Mmmm. Yummy.:) But my daughter is the greatest fan of that delicious meal.:)


  3. Do,you have pizza where you are? Cheese,sauce,dough and pepperoni;) the photo was fun for the smile, but mine was herbs, cheese and sauce, no meat;) it was very good;)


  4. No,steak, would have missed our connecting flight in Minnesota is our next flight hadn’t been delayed also. Got home at midnight, exhausted, no dinner and hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday. Maybe steak for breakfast;) glad to be home my friend, but I know that you know how that feels;)


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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