Roadside bloom

Long days spent waiting
Searching for the words
Some days they arrive at the tip
Of a tongue that craves silence,
Sometimes falling forth with a single
Flowing stroke line of pen.
She writes the words I see
High in clouds I think of why
The words come sounding altogether different
Than what she was thinking.
Perhaps she meant to write
With a tinge of sadness,
For when the heart speaks,
Some times the mind does not hear,
Putting forth words
That needed to live,
That needed to be out
So that they may touch another,
So that maybe somewhere someone else
Feels not quite so alone in this world.
I fly through the skies
High amongst the clouds
The little light flashing for someone down below,
Someone looking up and wishing on stars
That flicker and die
Or hide behind clouds leaving you feeling
Just a bit bereft for their sudden absence.
I think of these days
That drifted by, while I ,unaware moved through the moments,
Not seeing the beauty except in passing,
Not being able to stop for a moment
Pull aside and pluck a flower
That waved for a moment
Then was gone in the rear view mirror.