Walking through the world of words
Step by step
Carrying the weight of the sorrow
The angst of a phrase
The tears of a dying soul,
I see the distance
The end of this path
And see this wide emptiness
A void where something was
And now it is not.
Like calling and calling in the darkness
To hear the reply
Of nothing at all,
Just feel the sky crying yet again
And know they are your tears
Falling from the grey skies
Into the void
The empty atmosphere
Unheard by many
Yet caught in my hands
Like a parched soul happy
To have just a bit more
To sustain
To go on
To fill the void
Of lonely hearts and sending
A prayer and a song
To hear
To know
To see the sun rise again
To shine on you once more.

Million light life

There is a place deep inside
Where sometimes lights
Like to flicker out,
Darkness invades like tornado skies,
Hopelessness and sorrow snuff
The tiny light of hope
And the room stands in black.
But you turn around
And first one,
Then another
Then multiply to hundreds and more,
Filling in the spaces
Happiness and love
Hope and faith,
The nudge from a friend
A gift to inspire
A smile shared from afar
Blinded by magic
Of a million light life.
A photo sent
Faerie light filled with
The happiest joy,
Like fireflies alive in a swarm
That you walk through
Reaching out to find yourself
A part of the wonder
Of a magical moment shared
By beautiful friends.

Ruby Red Slipper Standout Week 4

We have now made it to week four and I hope you have all found some new and exciting blogs to check out. Just a reminder on how this Sunday post goes is that if you would be interested in being spotlighted please contact me and I will make a slot for a future post about your site. This is a clean family blog so I will request that your site fit the style of a happy writing, photography or cooking blog that everyone can enjoy.
So without further ado I take you to today’s standout blog.

Elouise has a beautiful writing style and her site is called Telling the Truth. If you check out her “about me” page, you will see that she is a “little bit of everything” kind of woman. Her gravitar is of the most beautiful rose. I can almost smell it through my screen.

Her writing style is the kind I can read and then reread and find new gems in. Her blog is simple and clean, uncluttered and a beautiful read with each post you will find. Deep and truthful you will smile, cry and hopefully find a new friend to journey through the land of WP with.
Check her out her with this piece selected for your Sunday standout read. Hope you enjoy her as much as I do.


If you wish to be spotlighted in the future, don’t forget to drop me a line at zipsride@me.com