Luck set free

Locked in its icy cocoon
Luck looked out to see
Colors and shapes
Reflected back and through
Icy prism rainbows
The glimmer of an orange ray
Began to move.
Frozen state, immobile
It didn’t care at all,
As it knew the sun was coming
And would melt this ice
To thaw.
It smiled, its heart so happy
As The light on the horizon grew,
Amazing flashes sent to the lucky one
And drop by drop
The luck fell through,
And stepping free a smile
That shattered the last little bit,
It nodded and danced so happily,
And that’s what become of it.
The luck ran round the world
And touched the ones it loved
And everyone shared in the warmth
Under the glorious sun.
Possibilities abound
For those who hold the key,
The luck is here within us all
And found its way to me.

Thoughts on an amazing day as it all falls into place, dancing happy, heart bursting in joy.
Yay me it’s telling me and I can see the sun.