Chimes unknown

Eyes open
I listen
Hearing the sound of wind chimes,
Softly they come together
Tin sounding ting ting
Over and over
And I toss and turn.
Nature sounds
The button pushed in desperation
To fall into slumber
And I know the reasons why
My mind will not shut down
With this intrusion of sound.
My ears know the difference
Of live or memorex,
There is no soft soothing breeze
As the chime move in the night,
Harsh parking lot lights
Steal my sleep like a thief,
There is no darkness
with fresh moon glowing to say goodnight
Through the crack in the shade,
There are no branches brushing together
Like lovers in the dark,
There is only this,
A box of deceit
Masquerading chimes
Laughing at me
As I yearn for the truth
Of a summer breeze on me
As I lay me down to sleep.

Thoughts on the hotel radio, nature sounds to lull you off….or not.

Mind in motion

Moving forward
Light warp speed
Brain soars through tunnels
Looking for the light.
Windows of past
Scream by your eyes
Glimpses of yesterday
Here then gone
But that’s okay
Got a mind in motion
Seeing the sun
The horizon never too far
To reach out
To soar like a hawk,
Warrior spirit,
Circle the landscape
Of laughter and reason
And hope for another go
Round and high to touch
The small bits of moisture
With out a sound
I stop…..
And slowly spiral down
To land in a world of now,
Walking through into sunlight.

My land of cloud

Head in the sky
Feet walking on air
Heart full of love
Dreams alive without care.
Smiles come easy
The sun says hello
Lazy feeling washes me
But time is soon to go,
Little tired
Back is sore
Cat leaves a headless gift
And the pups even more so,
A reason to grumble
A reason to cry
But it’s gonna be alright
‘Cause I can make it so.
Gonna smile
Gonna laugh
Gonna breathe so deep,
Gonna set my heart free to fly
Let’s give it a try,
Happy days
Always amaze
When I just want to whine
Instead I’ll just shine.

Feeling like a Monday…..but I’m gonna sing and smile…or else!