Edges of life

Round world spins
We move in and out living
Hellos and goodbyes.
Friends we meet and friends we’ve yet to,
Turning corners and falling off shelves
We’ve built for ourselves
So many emotions flowing through
Rivers of tears
Rays of laughter
Sonnets of love
Spoken aloud in the dark.
We find ourselves constantly
When we reach the edge do we trust
Do we hold out a hand
Do we step forward alone
Or do we turn back around
And walk back the way we came.
I do not carry answers
I just move to my drummer
My heartbeat
Keeping pace
Sometimes a quiet echo barely heard.
We look to the sky for answers
Stars and color and a solitary dream,
But we do listen for the direction,
Then we strain to hear some more,
Maybe not believing
If it’s not what we want to hear
Or believing in blind faith
A friend to help us through,
Everything falls in line,
Maybe with no sense at all.
But in the insanity of a throbbing heart
That stands along the edge,
There is something bigger than us all,
Leading us to this moment,
The edge of our truth
Or the hurt of a wound bleeding
Pain tries to cover itself,
Wrapped in words to soothe.
Sometimes the cut that’s deepest
Is the one that needs the most
Time to be left alone
To scab and finally heal.

7 thoughts on “Edges of life

  1. I am always in a good mood friend, still loving my life and counting many blessings, just some words from the heart that needed to be spoken aloud;) thanks for you being a great friend. k


  2. Beautiful poem my friend:) And so deep and true.:) I hope you are still in the good mood.:) But inspiration you hold tight.;) Love, Kat;)


  3. There is so much here that is bare, raw truth…
    So much resonates with me..
    “Turning corners and falling off shelves”
    and the last haunting, but true lines…
    scabbing is the best way…

    thanks for being you…Marie


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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