Unbridled energy

I am the fire
The heart soars through
Atmosphere crackling
Energy felt
Shock wave of positivity
I am alive.
I am the energy force
Grounding stops me not
From the flow
The movement
Of the moment.
I am the spirit
Of love and laughter
And the sound of light
Filling the soul
With pure joy.
I am the love
The invisible life of current
That flows lightning fast
Striking you
Leaving in my wake
Wonder and delight
And you feel my force asking yourself
Where do I find more?
Vibrational moves
the inner light shines
With a glow known by many
And ignored by the few,
As the beam of understanding
The knowledge of awareness
The love of self and mankind
The purity of every second
Relative to now.
Time doesn’t matter
It is irrelevant
Feel the power
Embrace the energy.