About a story

The breeze moved warm air
That could not dry the tears
Pages flipped by
One after another
After another,
It sat on the sand
Like a discarded piece of litter
At her feet
As the tears kept falling.
This isn’t how the story goes
This isn’t how it is supposed to end.
But the final page had been turned
And the story was now over.
She reaches down to pick it up
Shaking the sand off of the pages.
She starts back at the beginning
Hoping time will change the course
Even though in her heart
She knows it won’t.
She will bide her time till the next one
Falls into her eager hands.
A new story
A new set of friends
A new land to explore
And she knows the feel of greed
Because she wants so much more,
The story, her story to be told
Where she will like the ending
Because that is how it must be,
When dreams become closer
And the heart knows fulfillment,
Ah, then the story will be the masterpiece
And love will drip off pages
Like ocean water and
No tears will be shed.

This was inspired by when I was young and read a book I so loved, when reaching the end, cried like a baby. I always loved writing and decided someday I would write books that ended happily. Guess that sequel would go on forever I would expect. Thanks for indulging my memory on lunch break. Oh, in case you were wondering, the book was The Thorn Birds.

Love lights the world

The light of love
Laughter and words
Gifts of the heart shared,
With simple words
From the sincerest heart
And linked to the soul
In friendship.
A simple gift
This emotion we call love
The smiles that light faces
With truth of knowing
That we are united.
Friends we’ve met
And friends to meet still,
Threads of the universe
Tied in a bow
Arm and arm
Heart to heart
Through a gesture
A touch
As simple as a tear in the eye,
A gift given that makes a day complete
Such is a bountiful life.