She stands on the precipice,
Her awakening unfolding
Like petals from a bud,
Un twining and growing
She is blooming
It is her time.
She stand on the edge of all she’s dreamed
Step by step she climbs
Each rock a piece of her story
Each pebble an image she’s known
Higher and higher
She is on her path.
She comes to the fork
To return and descend
Or to keep moving into the cloud
That hides all.
She knows what lies beyond the mist
Her heart sees clearly what is,
She takes another step forward
And then another
Lost in her mind she climbs
Rapturous music fills her ears
Her heart beats with a calm
She knows peace
She knows she is at home here.
The top is where she will touch
All of her desires
A culmination of effort and thought
She reaches out a hand
Gently she touches the moon and the sun
And all of the stars fall
Down on her like dust
Magic moments of life
She is lifted
She soars.

Thoughts on dreams coming true and finding the courage to make it happen.

Random thought

Moon hangs like egg
Dropped from passing bird
Suspended in branches
Waiting to crack open
To reveal the promise
To live the potential
Of its reason for being.

Waxing moon
You jest with me
Changing the answers to the riddles
Laughing silently
In fun.

I smile at you
For I know you long to be whole
And your moment is coming
And still I wait ever so patiently
To howl.

A letter to me this morning from the universe…
See, ?

I told you everything was lining up for you; that the right people were headed your way; that the right things would be said; that you’d become a total love magnet; and that very little of this would be apparent as it was unfolding, yet in hindsight you’d see the stunning perfection.

It’s just that right now, you’re mostly in the unfolding part.

All is according to plan –
The Universe

Changes of shades

I looked to my dreams
Cool air blows upon my neck
And I fall into a sleep
As deep as the sea.
Colors of changing leaves
Whirl through my head
Reds and yellows and an orange tint
That paint the trees,
I dreamt of fall.
She is coming
And I know I feel the joy
To see her face again,
The smile that I’ve missed
And then she will be gone once more
Like the leaves that one by one
Trickle down from the skies
And land on firm ground
Drying out in the sun
To crackle beneath
The feet of hounds.
I dreamt of autumn
With the crisp air
And a moon so close you can touch
Unencumbered view
As trees lay in sleeping state,
Gathering their nourishment
For spring flow of syrup.
Changes in slumber drift through
My exhausted mind
And soon she comes
Summers end
And fall to begin
And I slept on.

A photo of my hound in fall. Not in my dreams but a cutie none the less.