Reaching calm

The spirit aligns
And I strive to find
That little bit
That little piece of calm,
Caught between the moment
Of lavender skies
And the rain that must fall.
I call out
To the never-ending whisper of silence
And hear the faint echo
Of a voice
States of life
Awakening to the moment
The sun,
The moon,
The stars giggle at my naivety
Seeing below their shining state of prominence,
They know what I seek,
And I long for the voices of the clouds
Their voluptuous thunder filled depths,
To confirm
To validate
That which I hold true.
I don’t disbelieve as most are won’t to do
I just want answers
Words to explain and
Emotions on faces don’t hold true
To a split second of feeling
And I am angry for the guess of a game
And being me
In my humble humility
Expect an answer of why
And I’ll rest not
Till it all aligns once more
And I can feel the calm
Of a harbor
Nestled gently in the rocking
Of a passing wave.

10 thoughts on “Reaching calm

Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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