Love and friendship

To meet
Perhaps as children
Wandering this world gathering friends
Like flowers, bouquet of joy
I remember being young,
Meeting a new friend,
Talking,laughing,and playing
On adventures we’d create,
Our own language to talk
Our signs and doodles on paper,
Folded he loves you,
He loves you not,
Which color,
Which number
Origami of fun made of lined note paper.
We knew we would stay friends forever,
As all of us believe,
But life and changes move us
Farther away
And our ache grows with the loss
Of our bestie.
And then we grow more and meet
New flowers on our path
Different varieties
Different seasons
And we find them to be beautiful too.
And the ache grows less with time,
Our minds change and we find new and wonderful things
To embrace…suddenly the years go by
And we are left wondering
whatever happened to this friend or that?
What do they look like,
Where do they live?
Do they have children?
Do they miss me too?
Life is about movement,
And to have a true friend to tag along with
Through all of the good and the bad,
The happy times and those swept with tears,
That is a true gift,
That is the essence of love carried on and shared.
That is the brightest field of flowers
Gathered on the journey
Held lovingly in arms
And nurtured as long as they last,
But the best part is letting them stay
In their garden to bloom till the time
Has come to lay down to sleep
and be covered by seasons moving through,
To rise back up again
Next year as bright and as beautiful
If not more so, as before.

Pondering’s on friends from childhood and from today,
Such a beautiful thing my friends,
Thank you.

Breaking free

Days pass
Light and noonday sun
Ghosts of midnight
Haunt the psyche
Worlds of illusion
And another week trickles down
Slow leaking time endless.
She is breaking free
Ties that bind
Moods that wallow in the
Starlit skies
Weekend moves in where time moves by
Racing like the wind
That blows away her fragile shell,
Shattered glass
Blown whole again.
She is breaking out
Her eggshell movements strong
Like glue of a new day dawning
Putting the pieces back
Together once more
To live this moment in strength
And power and with the wisdom
Of letting go
The chains that bind,
The days that find her
She is anchored
As she rocks on the wave
Of now.


Wandering the forest
The faces like trolls
Stare from their depths
Watching silently
The beasts circle
The thoughts of fears
Childhood monsters
The noises unnerve
Dark falls and leaves crackle
In the distance movement
And a heart beating
Heavy metal beat
Hounds roam and return
Caked with the mud
Of murky forest floor
Chase over
No quarry caught
Homeward bound we go
As the faces watch silently