Solitude view

In quiet corners
The birds moving about
Happy feathers flap
Looking out
This solitude view
Of peace and beauty.
Windchimes ring softly
Stay a spell and linger
Breathe the air
Of a new day.
All around the music
Of silence
Of peace and home
And I watch the flowers and hosta leaves
Sway like young lovers
In a dance of delight
And they sing to me of a place
Where the heart refills
Renews itself
With peace and bliss
Of a second in time,
This moment captured
In a glimpse of now.
Heaven lives in nature
The beauty and trees that give shade
To the soul who stopped
To linger below the clouds
Even rain approaching
Cannot dull the sense of happy,
The feeling of being so alive
Of feeling blessed
In an aura of loveliness.

Counting clouds

I move through dreams
Head in the sky
Counting clouds
Like pennies.
Finding one here
And there I find
Yet another,
In the mind the sights
Floating along the virga
One to another
They float along
White jellyfish of the sky
Sting of lightning
And a rain so light
As to be not existing
Just a memory like change
And the drip drip resounding
Like coins from the vending machine
Returned into pocket
Of the mind.

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