A small indulgence

Sitting with the hounds
Cold Norway Swiss in my hands
They watch their milky prey
Slices of bread spread
Thin toppings of Italian figs, French Brie
And fresh roasted hazelnut,
I watch the last vestiges of light
As it’s rays droop down
Like a tired hounds eyes,
A comfortable bed calls
Yet I heed not.
Tired paws have I
And not quite to the precipice of sleep,
To entertain those who wonder
“What is she thinking”,
I say to you this,
Take time to unwind,
Enjoy the fruits of natures bounty,
Take care of wounds
Of hearts broken,
And never forget
We are children of the universe
Fighting on the side of right
And enjoying a simple pleasure
When afforded.
Last words before parting
As the hounds inhale nights air
Their due right
This is a moment of a life,
Simple yet elegant
And feeling blessed in the knowledge of
Being here and now
To celebrate
A feast for supper
Shared amongst friends
In the realm of unseen yet loved.

Tonight I sat on the grass amongst the green of grass and clover, blessed to hear the hum of the bees going from one pale flower to another and thinking, damn, this is what it is all about! A light supper of bread and fig and nuts. Sun going to sleep and moving to next in need.

Ethereal circle

Waves wash in and out on shores
Constant change
Ebb and flow and the skies
Stand above like the heavens portal
To the stars.
Slowly they move
Passing through
Vagabond vapor
Reveal the celestial beauty
Of jewels laid bare
On blue velvet.
She wore her heart
Like a universal shield
Open before her
The seashells gathered at her feet,
And she started to sing
Her sirens song
To the sea
And the ocean grew calm
As the creatures stopped to listen
To the aria of an angel
Swept away by this view of perfection.
And it was awhile before the waves grew again,
Stirred up by the clapping
Of seaweed strands waving
And the coral alive
Teeming with the colors of the rainbow,
Tucked under the ripples
Of an ocean reflected
By moonlight glow of love.
Paradise found on sandy shores
At long last home with water lapping
The dreams of the future
Found in truth of salt air breeze.

Peaceful heart

In light of day and
The sun shines its grace
On a peaceful heart.
Alive and wondrous
This pastel charm of
Life’s loved horizon
Basking in the shine
Of a moment of newness.
Rippled clouds above
Painted in pale shades of pink
Lavender and blues
Soft like a baby blanket
Comforting on the journey
Into the seconds that pass,
My heart lies here in this pristine wilderness
Where I float about suspended
Where I find my way back
To the universe of love and light
Where I chance to become
The self of now,
The birth of a chance
At dreamlike bliss.