Shadow hunt

What goes on in there
The mind in darkness
Perhaps not doing much
Of anything at all
Upstairs where the cobwebs linger
The birds and bats
In the belfry
Moving about
Doing their thing
As such things tend to do.
You gaze outward at the glass
That stops the forward movement
Looking about wondering where
Is the escape route,
Before the rains
These panes stood open
But now battened tight against the wind
Against the escape
Of the hunter
And the hunted move about
Without a care
Just another day
Dark shadows cast no spell
Settling in to wait,
Ready in the image of calm
Still water with no ripples
Yet still moving
In the depths of the mind.

Maybe perhaps the thoughts of our serial killer cat. Stealthy and quick…waiting.

Night to day

Caught between
The moment from night to-day
Big white marble
Slips quietly away
Light remains to show
The way to now.
Sun slow to rise
Another day begins
And all is well
In my world.
With sun rays light
Will take its nap
Till night slips in
And the switch moves to on
Sensing the coming
Of another night
Of summers end
Another eve of super stars
That will forever be

To capture a star

Setting off into the night
Hillside spectacle
Canopy of stars to guide
Brush strokes quick and light
Each one lovingly laid down
On canvas.
He calls them by name
As he adds more color,
His friends of all of his years
They hang and wait patiently
While he catches their soul
Of light mastered in oil,
He stands back content
Looking from the work to reality,
Yes he thinks,
This is the moment perfect,
Sitting he watches the sky
And a smile curves his lips
Peace of art
Piece of soul.

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