Not by the hair…

Morning shuffle
Shower sublime
Eyes applied
No droopy dog look for me,
Hair tucked tight
No, the fright…..
What’s that I see
Peering back at me,
Like a big old wart
Standing tall at attention
It seemed to say
“Ta da” look at me,
Oh yes, I see
Chin hair laughing back at me.
Well, I’ll huff and I’ll puff
And I’ll knock that sucker off.
Like a silly child
“Nope, can’t catch me” it whispers in glee….
Grrrr….razor in hand,
Off with your head I smile with a sneer
Gently now, don’t need a cut,
Plink down it drifts like a fall leaf
Whose time had come.
Take that! I smile at the smooth meadow
But knowing there will come a day
A mower may need to be brought in
To shear smooth
This female porcelain chin.
Because once the enemy comes
It will lay in wait,
Inviting friends to desecrate
But I’ll be ready
With wax weapons
Weed whackers
I’ll do what it takes
I am woman, see me smooth….or else!

Thoughts on the joy? Of aging gracefully.