There will be

At the edge of forever
Where summers sun never melts away,
At the edge of horizons
New fresh days,
With oceans breeze
And swaying trees
And gentle fires to warm toes
As night drifts in
Or storms send rain,
There will be wine
In this magical place
Where summers do not end
Where love is all that matters
And where the sky meets the sea
It is there you will find me
Quietly moving to the tempo
Of waves and my heart beat
Endless as summer skies.
Here at midnight the stars will smile
And wink as if to say
We’ve been waiting
For you to forever stay
In the waves of bliss.

5 thoughts on “There will be

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  2. Thank you, my friend, so much for this one.:) I can feel the sand under my feet, and warmth from the fire, and taste of a sweet wine on my lips. Oh, happy stars, happy me, sweet dreams.:)


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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