Feathered thought

Walk the meadow
Wood lies in wait
For death by chainsaw
New use for warmth
Finding feather
Then another I stop to pluck
The gift from ground
Black shine dusty
I hold in my hands
Bird like bouquet.
Thoughts of black swan theory
Outliers and event
Manifesting through earlier day
Abundance of feathered thought
And I know of no swans in this land
Not bred and captive
But the feather of crow
That speak on the wood
Like a council of elders
Caw caw chatter
Harbingers of a black cloud soon to take flight
And block for a moment
The sun.

Work chatter earlier in day on the black swan theory and coming home and when out on a walk finding an abundance of black feathers in various places. Ask and receive I suppose. Maybe today I’ll speak of gold and beaches.

8 thoughts on “Feathered thought

  1. I never take people not visiting personally as I never find the time to do enough of it myself, just always happy to see familiar faces and you lift my heart to know I gave a smile when needed:) thank you:) hope you are doing well:) I read your blogs on work and cannot add much more as thermis enough terror in this world without my added “bliss” haha added in, I just ask for sun and happy days and beautiful people like you to make it all worthwhile:) peace and love as always, Kim


  2. I apologize on falling behind on my reading, but I just went through a few of yours and was reminded of how you make me feel so good here! Smiles, Robin


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