A light of love

I left the light on
Not sure if you noticed
It burned so bright
I thought it would start a fire
But still I left it on.
The light of love
Illuminating the space
Where love and time moves freely
Shining to the stars above
I left them all on
For you.
I lit each one with a wish
And set it in place
For you to blow out
One by one
Wishes to come true
And the only light to remain
From above
Moon and stars
Like a serenade
To harmonize with words
This love burning bright.
I left them all on
Then kept adding more,
Enough for the world
Till I ran out of fire,
So where ever you are,
If you can light one too,
With wishes of love
And leave them on
I will be coming back soon.


I see you.
Driving down this stretch of road
You play hide and seek
As I move through thickets of woods
To the sprawling field of hay
I see you there,
Watching me,
Following me.
I sense you behind me,
Looking in the mirror
Ah, there you are my friend,
You must be enjoying life
As I see you getting bigger,
Happy in your beauty
You shine.
Rear view mirror
You play your games
Following me
Getting closer
But I cannot stop yet,
Places to be
So come, keep following me
My turn is right up here
And I can get out and say hello,
Here, let me get a picture of you
You exude a warmth
So you must be happy,
As I am happy to see you too.
But I must go in,
Time clock calls,
But I shall come out to play later
So wait for me, ok?
A Friday date you and I
Oh how much fun we will have
The memories of days like this
With you in attendance,
Life is always best,
Sunshine friend.
I cannot wait,
Please, oh please wait.

Thoughts on my drive this morning as the little sun got bigger while following me.

About the rain or not

It’s gonna rain
Yes it’s gonna rain….
But nothing came.
Sunshine streamed on weary shoulders
The plants getting dry
A watering can to quench
I heard them sigh.
It’s gonna rain
Yes finally it’s gonna rain,
Yet again nothing came,
The talking heads must be insane,
Spinning their gloom
Each day this week,
I walk out ready
Umbrella by my side
Extra weight
Needlessly carried
Because it’s gonna rain
They say it’s gonna rain
Vitamin D sunshine fills my brain,
I can’t complain.
They’ve covered the odds
With their forecast of blah
But out of the cloud
The radiant sun
Like a magic trick
Not gonna rain,
Nope, not gonna rain…
The weather lady said
So now I’m afraid
At home the umbrella stayed
We shall see
Yes, we shall see
Uh oh, what’s that drop that splashed on me….
I’ll worry not
What will be, will be
And I will still enjoy
What nature deems to cast upon me
‘Cause you can’t change it
Only embrace it
Sun or rain
It’s all the same
But if I have to choose
Something would have to lose,
So I pick me
To remain happy
Either way
I win.