Whimsy and stars amongst it all

Blessed by the gifts,
Gather me a falling star,
Pluck them one at a time
To relish in each wish they
Hold within.
I carry a feather found in a travel
A gather
Of dried kindling
Worthy of fire,
Like the flame of a heart
That burns through the night
Where another star is stolen
With good intention,
Gifts amongst friends.
I speak to the sun
The stars
The moon,
Let it be soon
These wishes unfold
Like blankets at night
Thin and soft
To banish the cool of night where needed
Or thrust aside if too warm.
To sleep in this life
And dream all good thoughts
And smiling at each starry night
Un obscured by the foundling clouds
That like to steal dreams,
Let there be the twinkling
Like a smile
Like a friend
To guide us through the days that pass
Far away
Far away,
I gather light and laughter
For you today.


Lines divided

There lies a state
between love and fear
divided lines invisible
to the naked eye
but known by the heart
like its own beat.
Between sunlight and clouds
life and death,
the colorless line divides
one from another.
To love something beyond words,
beyond anything comprehensible
and to know it is gone,
not sure where,
just that it is not here
where you can hold it
and speak to it
and call it by name,
but it slipped away
and you are suddenly left
feeling the heart beat
that it may not return.
Speaking words to the head
and sometimes even convince
ones self of the truth,
to let it go,
to just let it be
it will return once more
and bring with it a joy
of reuniting
but the line still there
waiting for another day
another moment
when joy will not be had
but life that works as it will
dictates what will be
and the lines crossed
from one to another
will occur,
breathe in
breathe out
and be.

On the quest to find peace through fear, love, and everything in between the lines.