Where were you?

Where have you been
Summer, my friend?
Waited for weeks
Heard you were dropping in
Then the rain showed instead
And you weren’t feeling welcome
But pushed aside
For umbrellas and puddles.
The plants missed you too
And the warm days of sun
Seemed but just a memory
But then you finally arrived
Like a stranger in the night
Asking sweetly to be let in
And turning the air to humid and hot
Ready or not,
Days swimming to cool
Night fans on to break
The grip of heat,
And iced tea glasses damp with sweat
Dripping in pools of water.
Stay awhile sweet summer,
I’m not quite ready to say goodbye
As the leaves taunt with colors
Of red, yellow and orange
And drop at my feet
Mocking me,
That visit I can wait for,
No autumn just yet,
Give me your rays
And blue skied days,
And stay, please stay
Through winter perhaps?

By the fireside

Long day winding down
Work done
Time to kick back
Glass of wine in hand,
Dogs frolic at the water’s edge
As we float under the summer sun.
Fire heaped with waiting wood
Damp sun-kissed skin cools
As night drops in,
Skies of blue clear
Moon smiles down from on high.
Flames grow as pine ignites
The silence a balm
For this late summer night,
The hounds rest weary at the feet
Of masters enjoying
This peaceful retreat.
And all is another moment
In this weekend life
Clock winding down
To a new day to be found
Waiting to be lived in full.