New moon ear-worm

She made me laugh
She made me smile
From heavens above
A gift of
A new moon on a Monday.
Not a day to bring joy
Work routine back again
Slog thru the day
Songs in my head,

“Breaking away with the beast of both worlds
A smile that you can’t disguise
Every minute I keep finding
Clues that you leave behind
Save me from these reminders
As if I’d forget tonight
This time La Luna
New moon on Monday
And a fire dance through the night”

Dancing in my heart
To luna
Eighties girls gotta dance
On hot summer days
Asleep through the haze,
Turn that radio up
And sing along…..

Thoughts on a Duran Duran song that will not leave me be, this new moon today and I think the sillies are contagious.
Song lyric in italics by Rhodes/LeBon…..

Infinite firefly (8-25)

Send me a cloud tonight,
Not made of moisture
But a cloud of fireflies
To flicker near to me
At midnight I will come
To sit out on the wall to wait
And a breeze will blow lightly
As the humidity fills the air
And I will say hello once more
My sweet friend.
Send me a thousand stars
The twinkle in the night
We will sit quietly and smile
Remembering days like this
Not so long ago,
Nights when you woke me to see
The beauty of the universe
And we just sat there amazed,
Not knowing then the gifts you gave
Moments priceless
Nights of autumn filled
With love and light.
I will reach out and close my eyes
Touching the softness of your hair
And I will lean on you
Tired from sleep
But alive in the dream
Of memory,
I will speak your name to the night
And know that another day did not pass,
That I am here now as I may have not been then,
But that I am here
Filled in my head
Thoughts of loving
Thoughts of missing you.
My infinite Zip,
The anniversary of goodbye
And firefly skies and stars
To say hello again my friend.

As the years move on, the sadness moves to melancholy, at peace with your passing, learning still the gifts you gave. Thanks Zip.

Harvest of sunlight

Valleys broken
Shapes and size
Patchwork parcels
Harvest of bounty
Summers prize.
The sun shall heal
The wounded soil
Torn by metal beast
Fields torn and buried
Yes, the sun shall heal
The scars upon the land
And autumn rain will fold in
Like children under blankets
Snug and tight,
through changes
The universal movement,
Green infant shoots will yet
Rise up once more
With the loving touch
Of orange sky orb

Photo: Sun in the Valley by Andrew Baird