Infinite firefly (8-25)

Send me a cloud tonight,
Not made of moisture
But a cloud of fireflies
To flicker near to me
At midnight I will come
To sit out on the wall to wait
And a breeze will blow lightly
As the humidity fills the air
And I will say hello once more
My sweet friend.
Send me a thousand stars
The twinkle in the night
We will sit quietly and smile
Remembering days like this
Not so long ago,
Nights when you woke me to see
The beauty of the universe
And we just sat there amazed,
Not knowing then the gifts you gave
Moments priceless
Nights of autumn filled
With love and light.
I will reach out and close my eyes
Touching the softness of your hair
And I will lean on you
Tired from sleep
But alive in the dream
Of memory,
I will speak your name to the night
And know that another day did not pass,
That I am here now as I may have not been then,
But that I am here
Filled in my head
Thoughts of loving
Thoughts of missing you.
My infinite Zip,
The anniversary of goodbye
And firefly skies and stars
To say hello again my friend.

As the years move on, the sadness moves to melancholy, at peace with your passing, learning still the gifts you gave. Thanks Zip.

20 thoughts on “Infinite firefly (8-25)

  1. wow, had to go back and re read this one and now I’ve the silly tears of love in my eyes yet again, he’s never far from my thoughts, and thank you, so glad you enjoyed my Zip post, there are many…will be many more I’m sure and when my girls here travel to their next universal destination, I shall extoll their virtues through love and words and tears. Thanks Magarisa, I too enjoyed looking back, he is my heart, always ❀


  2. So lovely to meet you, Kim. Fawn has excellent taste in friends πŸ™‚ How wonderful for you – to rekindle your passion. Congratulations with the publishing – it doesn’t surprise me, from what I’ve read of your writing – it’s quite spectacular and publishing-worthy. Your words should be shared.
    AnnMarie πŸ™‚

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  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, you gave me a smile so big, Fawn is wonderful and I will be doing a special post on her Sunday, zip was the catalyst that got me writing again which is amazing. So many good things happening, publishing poems for the first time in a book, etc….I miss him dearly but he will always be a big part of my heart that I will never let go of:) peace and love my friend, Kim


  4. This has to be one of the most endearing pieces I’ve ever come across – expressing the loss of a dear pet. It brought a tear to my eye this morning. WIth you beautiful words, I too found I place in my heart for Zip.
    Sorry for your loss
    I’m glad I found your blog through Triggershorse and Fawn


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