Crystal smooth

Words flow like rivers
Underground blue crystal
Filling the healing heart
With a balm
Blue world alive
Cave of the universe.
Held for but a bit
like life,
always slips through open hands,
Leaving a memory behind
Of the feel
The touch
The satin coolness
Of yesterday.
In caves there are no stars
But then a fissure moves
Opens up
A tiny crack to let in
The night sky
And sitting on the river
Down below the earth crust,
Still as a whisper never spoken
The reflections come down
Lighting off a ripple
Spreading into multiples
The pin like drops of loving light.
The world shifts as night evolves
And the same light never hits twice
But many visit each night
The laughter and bliss
Like a carnival alive
Water runs like a river
Carrying the images of today and tomorrow
Wrapped in a raindrop
That became whole
When it slipped through the crack
Of a broken heart
And became one
In beauty
In this new world.

Thoughts on friends, tears, healing,nature, and the stars above.
I love the blue of this cave
A gift for a muse the blue of grateful tears.

Home in memory

One hundred years
Babies born
Child after child
Love filled cramped home
Walls held up with laughter
Memories of
Another time
Another place.
Gatherings of relatives
Seasons and holiday
Generation after generation
Handed down
The home that stayed in a
Family’s hands
New memories
How the years have changed
Rarely happening these days
Transfer to stranger
Who sleeps in the rooms
Who looks at the walls and wonder
What magic and love dwelled within
Before the keys transfer
Once again.

Poem inspired by my husband and I conversing on family homes where 13 kids had one bathroom and shared rooms, home handed down from parent to child to next generations.