Gathering of the muse

Ceiling high filled with imagination

running wild through the pages new and old,

a gathering for muses to dive within

to find the inspiration

to set free in delightful ways

pages to be touched



to open the heart and mind

seeing beauty in between the covers

of another’s masterpiece,

another’s gift to mankind.

Magical mythical beast sit side by each,

filling small heads with wonder

making dreams alive

to reach out and touch

to believe in the truth

of the infinite.

Pages turn as eyes open big

the wonder of the world at their touch,

the happiness of life and escape

if only for a little while,

but long enough to start a fire

a spark

that someday, their words may be found here

where the muses gather.



Thoughts of now

Crisp morning air

like the crunch of a bright apple

sweet to the lips

the taste of a summer sun

captured within the flesh

of the fruit.

laying back to take in the day,

thoughts like dreams

behind closed eyes,

dappled clouds let the rays move

in and out like a welcome inverse shadow

to fall upon the face

spreading warmth

much desired.

slip into photos in the mind

memories of years past

places and faces

and songs that drift like water

foot moves in harmony

with the winds of this second

this dream

this thought alive

in a peaceful mind.

The opulence of patience and dreams


under pressure

beyond control

a dream calls sea blue

nestled like houses on cliffs

waiting to swim

with the ocean waves.

patience finds me impatient

cannot do

the simplest thing

till today so easy,

now a terror fills the heart

why I wonder, now?

smooth days flow

no longer,

a slave to the system and ghosts haunt

the machine that had been a friend,

I need to speak of dreams

of stars

of suns that rise on those that sleep

above the water

that sings to them a lullaby,

the siren song sung

through centuries

as they sit at their tables

supping on olives and cheese

dreaming of those who have grass,


Or maybe just lost in thoughts

of here and now,

simple dreams

their truth.