Lavender fields

Somewhere there lies a place

of peace and waving fields

rows of lavender

under the Tuscan sun.

I hear it call like long a lost lovers whisper,

come back to me,

come home

to a place you’ve never been.

Wine flows like a river of clear white water

and cheese nestles next to olive stuffed pleasantries,

and fresh warm bread melding into the moment

with the scent of comfort

rising in the air.

We shall sit there

amongst the quiet fields,

my color of choice,

like a waving carpet

shades of Violet, lavender edibles to the eye

short of plum,

nothing else is missing

except for being there at this moment,

while a thousand miles away

we sit beneath our own piece of the sun,

and the only thing missing is that particular shade

of loveliness,  joy, and the experience and scent

of lavender on the wind.


thoughts on this beautiful piece…lavender fields oh how I long to see this view someday.

photo by:

Lavender Fields Tuscan


Where’s the party??



Generous scoops
Everyone can come
Love to see you there
A sweet to beat the heat
Thinking of that first bite, so smooth.
Only thing is I spoke too soon.

Party for the crew
You’re invited too
Oops you came too late
Uh oh my mistake.

Yesterday party passed
Thought it was today
Guess I’ll sit here alone
And lick what’s left off the spoon.
Gelato party gone awry
But hey at least he tried.

Thoughts with amusement on a fundraising part on Friday that was actually Thursday and no one came…..still chuckling and wishing I had all that left over gelato. With apologies to Mr. J for making light of this, you still rock!