Clouds of hummingbird




zooming in and out

like tiny airplane bombers

in pursuit

my nectar

back off

zoom zoom.

I look up to see where it is they go

and the clouds are moving fast

front coming

storm soon

like a large white hummingbird

tongue extended

to sup on the nectar

of the approaching weather


zipping by

quick movement

here comes the showers

boom and the cloud is gone

so very fast

too quick for the eye

absorbed into the dark of the moment

that devoured all of the sweetness

of a summer eve.


thoughts on storm clouds fast-moving and the daily hummingbird dive bombings that happen so very quick.

7 thoughts on “Clouds of hummingbird

  1. That is awesome, I keep two feeders starting in May, they emptied both every week, went through a pound of sugar plus this year alone:) I think they are the babies of the parents etc….more and more each year:)


  2. My mother loved hummingbirds, and actually was able to hold one once. Whenever they come into our yard, it feels like a message from mom. I love this poem! – Fawn


Your words are stars and I humbly thank you for shining your light for me....

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