To touch the sky

What is it
The feeling
To be able to reach out
And touch the sky.
To be so close to the light
Blinded with shining sun
Warmed by the glow
Of a summer day.
Would you walk on clouds?
Pluck stars from their place
Rearrange the constellations perhaps?
Would you want to just be
There in the moment,
A part of it all,
Floating on clouds like a soft bed
Beneath your tired body,
And would the rain taste fresh
And so clear and clean?
What it would be to touch the sky,
To ride a rainbow to its end,
Sliding like a child,
To the golden fields below,
To be within
All that we are a part of.

In darkness moving through

Lights following my thoughts
Diamonds in the distance
Coming forward,
Rushing through foggy lowlands
Eyes peer from the dark thicket
Blue green reflected
Forest life
Lowers head to graze.
I watch my mind spin thoughts
Like clouds on the ground
Emerging to find light
Horizon pink of morning
I drift into the lull
Car motion smoothly rocks me
Into peace,
With dreams revisited
Of far off places
With no grey cool air
Wiped away with back and forth hands
Of wipers
Clearing the vision
Of jewels sparkling
Before my eyes.

Fever is a house

Normalcy like a foundation
Built strong
To withstand
The winds and storms,
Tattered a bit
Here and there
Fixed and put right.
Fever is a house
Foundation legs crumbling below
Precariously balanced,
Yet still home,
Just not quite right.
It needs the time
To be built again
As sand will wash away
With the passing tide,
Like time slowly deteriorating
Muscle and skin,
Sagging roof
And dirty windows
Needing the cleaning
For which to see out.
Tired house listing
Side to side
Like an uneasy gait
Just wanting to fall
Into the abyss
And sleep and dream
Of becoming the mansion
Of its dreams,
Of being strong
Of healing.

Thoughts on being sick in comparison to this poor house, with thanks to who ever sent this head cold my way but mostly not.

Black leaf filtered

A thousand leaves
Turned black
Filter of season
Contorted into a hundred bats
Cut outs
Like construction paper
And scissors
In a child’s hand,
Opening white to be sky.
Hallows eve vision
Sharp contrast
Abstract trees
With the single touch
Changing places from
Light to dark
Day to-night
Life to death.

Among the skies

In dreams I linger
Hanging on just a bit longer
Playing with the stars
And moving moons
Like marbles
Colored orb spinning
Amongst its friends.
Reaching out to pluck
A distant star
Standing on tippy toes
Straining to feel
The sparkling light,
Firefly flicker
Illuminating the sky.
In these moments I hold the universe
In the palm of my hand,
Close my eyes and throw them high
To float back to where they belong,
Vortex whirl they move away
And I smile upon waking
As I have held magic
In dreaming the night away
I have touched her beautiful stars
And carried the magic in my heart
Into the light of day.

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Tea in Paris

Sipping the delicate nectar
as herbs gently lift
To my nose,
Lavender and bergamot,
Mint and lemongrass,
Scenes on the water
Tower reflected.
Music from a distant window
Traffic rushes by
Sun gentle on my brow
Closing my eyes
Enjoying this tea in Paris.
I think of things most loved,
Beautiful art,
A smile unexpected,
A hug from friends and love,
Yes love most importantly
Never forgotten.
The bread warm from the oven
Sits resting nearby,
Clothes on the line drying
In the afternoon sun,
Pine rich floors cleaned
To a glistening shine,
Carpets fresh
And wood cut for fire,
Sunday work set aside
Sipping tea in Paris
Sweet memories of a day
That has not happened yet,
Just sweet daydreams
To pass the time
Sitting home in my chair
Tea cool beside me,
Home sweet home
Filled with dreams
In my mind.
But the tea is most lovely
None the less,
Come, I’ll pour you a cup,
We can dream together
Of far away places,
Imagining what we would do and see,
Would you join me?
I have more water brewed,
Patiently waiting
To see you soon.

Her gentle fall

Holding hands out
Catching leaves like rain,
She knows this season
Of her heart
The settling in
The cool air flecked with dew,
She embraces the change
As it must be
As a part of the seasons
Of her life.
She leans against the bark
Grown through years strong
When she feels so small
Amongst it all,
The sky
The days growing darker
She breathes the air
And knows the calm
Of the death of leaves
Spent at her feet.
She counts them like stars
One two three
And loses track as they fall too fast
And knows that it must be this way
Till none remain.
She stands still as the breeze moves them all
Whirling dance of red orange brown
Crackling their goodbye
As they move farther away.
She learns to love these days
As they too will not last,
The winter will come
And then spring
Bursting forth once more the green
Cycles of her land
That she is a tiny piece
Of the universe
And this is what must be.

Photo: Chen Wei

In dreams

Sunny days spent
The endless hunt
The life of hounds
Now spent
Dreaming of chippies,
Legs move restless,
Quiet noises from your throat
And finally relaxed,
I hope you caught the prey
And that in dreams
You are king of the mutts,
Conquerer of all who invade your yard,
And those that drive you to the thoughts
That you CAN climb that tree
And get the little furry vermin.
Goodnight sweet pup,
They will be waiting
At the break of day,
Snacking on cat food beyond the glass
Taunting you once more,
With their evil little laugh,
But you shall reign supreme….

Muted dance

Spirits rising behind
Hazy hot summer screens,
Windows smoky
Life obscured
The dance moves on
Just two entranced in their moment
Ghostly forms
Envy fills the eyes
By what the artist saw
In creating the masterpiece.
Did they smile
Looking lovingly in
Each other’s eyes,
Were they close and consumed
Of the motion of passion
Did they notice the artist
In shadows
Taking a piece
Lonely man in quiet corner
Observing the dance
Of love.
Un rehearsed, they move back and forth
Falling into tempo
With the simple staccato beat
Of the sultry music
Alone they weave their spell,
To the watcher they enthrall,
Beauty painted for permanence
Love maybe temporary at best,
Or just partners together for this solo,
Walking away
Their separate paths
Into the cool of evening.

Garage sale pondering

I just don’t get it,
Really it’s true…
Big sign by the road
Garage sale…so many cars
You’d think they were selling cupcakes.
I’ve already got one so I drive on by,
There must really be a market for it
I would think,
Yet they must ask way too much
Or maybe it’s not very nice….
Days later sign gone
Yet….the garage remains.
Now why would so many stop
Yet none ever buy?
Same thing with yards,
Silly signs and crazy drivers,
Rain or shine,
Luscious green grasses
And ornamental gardens,
Yet days later,
Yep, once again the yard is still there.
Maybe I should stop in,
Just to see how high the price?
My yard is tired,
The dogs wreak havoc and I would really like
That lovely rose-bush
Or tulip garden.
But I’ve gotta run,
No time to stop ,
And I know next week the sign will be back again
As will the yard
And the garage.
Guess there’s no takers
Then again I wonder,
How the heck would they carry it home??